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About Us

Since 1997, Shubhankar has become the most trustworthy and fastest growing provider in the Handmade Paper and Product industry. We are blessed to have thousands of satisfied customers in our homeland, India, and are proud to serve internationally as well.

Any unique idea you have, we’re there to bring it to life! The core intention is to provide the best packaging along with complete liberty to the consumer to showcase their brand just the way they want to.


Shubhankar is a well known brand in the International market. With our expertise in paper Industry & quality products, we have been consistently growing & serving business all over the globe.

Our Mission is to become the biggest paper & paper products exporters of India by 2024. With that goal in mind we are all set & pumped to make this dream a reality. We want to create global opportunities for our employees & global lifestyle for our workers. Shubhankar is a big family that works togethers, grows together.

Our goal is to offer high-caliber, environmentally friendly paper packaging options to individuals and businesses in India and elsewhere. By committing to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we hope to become the leading paper packaging manufacturer in the area.


Our vision is to create the best working enviroment for our employees. Not just world class machinery & high-tech factory we want to provide global lifestyle to our workers.


Our goal is to establish Shubhankar as a world-class manufacturer of paper and paper products.
Shubhankar is poised to become India's largest paper exporter and one of the world's leading companies in the paper and paper product industries with his 25 years of experience and young leadership.

Because of its sustainability, affordability, and adaptability, we want to create a world in which paper packaging is the material of choice for both consumers and businesses. All of our customers can count on us to continually improve and broaden the range of products we offer them. 

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Our Sister Companies

Wedding Couple

Marriages are made in heaven. For every person it's the most auspicious moment of his/her life. At Shubhankar Invitations, we continuously strive to offer you superior wedding cards to make it even more blissful with the blessings of your near and dear. We offer a cool collection of traditional as well as contemporary Indian Wedding Cards and accessories on superior quality papers. Apart from pre made wedding cards designs, we are pioneer in the field of customized cards as well.

Delivery Service

Alora Packs is the domestic brand for paper & paper products. Alora means "light of the lord", & with alora we want to wipe clean the evil of plastic from India. Alora packs is a One-Stop Solution for all your packaging needs. Alora packs provides DESIGN-PRINT-PACKAGING services under one roof So, you can focus on the more important things in your business. With expert designers & world-class machinery We are set to revolutionize Indian packaging Industry. "Think Packaging,Think Us!"

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